A Novel Approach Algorithm for Determining the Initial Basic Feasible Solution for Transportation Problems


  • E.M.D.B. Ekanayake Department of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
  • E. M. U. S. B. Ekanayake Department of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka




Balance and Unbalance Transportation Problem, Initial Basic Feasible Solution, Optimal Solution


In optimization, the transportation problem is of utmost significance. The fundamental idea for solving the transportation problem is to develop methods that lower the overall cost between the source and the destination. Numerous research techniques are given in the literature as solutions to transportation problems. The majority of strategies focus on locating the initial basic, feasible solution to the transportation problem, while some techniques concentrate on locating an optimal solution. To find an initial, basic, feasible solution, Vogel's approximation, the least-cost method, the northwest method, and other methods are used. The Modified Distribution Method and the Stepping Stone Method are gaining acceptance as the optimal solution to the transportation problem. In this research study, a model approach to figuring out the basic, feasible solution for transportation problems with balanced and unbalanced components is proposed based on the average unit cost value of columns and rows. A new table is created using the unit cost values and average unit cost values in the columns and rows and compared to the transportation problem to solve the problem by balancing demand and supply. The proposed methodology is effortless, easy to understand, and simple to use. Comparatively speaking, the algorithmic technique suggested by this work is less complex than the well-known meta-heuristic algorithms in the literature. Finally, provide a case study to demonstrate the proposed approach.


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