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2023: Halu Oleo International Conference On Economic and Business (HOICEB)

International Conference and Call for Paper

Welcome to the prestigious Halu Oleo International Conference on Economic and Business Dissemination 2023, organized by the Faculty of Economics and Business, Halu Oleo University.

The theme of this year's conference, "Financial Reform and Accountability in Improving the Country's Economy: Obstacles and Challenges," emphasized the need to address the complexity of financial systems and accountability mechanisms in the context of national economic growth. As economies evolve and global dynamics change, the importance of resilient financial structures and transparent accountability practices is increasingly clear.

With an unwavering commitment to facilitating knowledge exchange and collaborative learning, the conference became a central platform for intellectual exploration. We aim to facilitate dialog that transcends geographical boundaries, allowing participants to share their research findings, experiences, and insights. In doing so, we collectively contribute to a deeper understanding of the complex economic and business landscape we face.

We extend our warm invitation to academics, researchers, students, industry practitioners, policy makers, and anyone interested in the intersection of economics, business, and accountability. Join us as we embark on this intellectual journey to harness insights, share perspectives, and together contribute to shaping a more prosperous and equitable global economic landscape.

Thank you for being part of this prestigious conference. Together, we embark on a quest for knowledge, innovation, and a better economic world.

Best wishes,

Halu Oleo International Conference on Economic and Business 2023

Fullpaper Submission       : 14 - 19 August
Acceptance Notification   : 20 August
Deadline Payment            : 21 August

Published: 2023-09-20

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